Try to admire what I already have,
Try to accept my imperfection,
Try not to afraid myself making awkward things,
because they are beautiful as they are.

I make illustrations and prints in a simple and minimal way
with motifs of nature, travel, and daily life,
which I’m always fascinated by.


Mika Takahama /高濱 美香

Education and Membership:
Bornholm højskole(Denmark) art/jewelry course, 2017.
Member of printing workshop Tryk2, Bornholm, Denmark, 2019-.
Member of printing workshop Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Odense, Denmark, 2019-.
Guest at Gæsteatelier Hollufgård, Odense, Denmark, 2019 Jan & Feb.

Awards and Exhibition:
2017 Nishiwaki thumb hole art prize. Okanoyama Museum of Art Nishiwaki, Hyogo, Japan
2019 Aug04- Aug16 “20nittten grafik” Tryk2, Åkirkeby Denmark
2020 Jan10- Feb04 “NYT&GAMMELT” Fyns Grafiske Værksted, Odense, Denmark

2017 ボーンホルムホイスコーレ(デンマーク) アート/ジュエリーコース修了
2019 版画工房 Tryk2 (デンマーク)メンバー
2019 版画工房 Fyns Grafiske Værksted(デンマーク)メンバー
2019 1-2月 アーティストレジデンス Gæsteatelier Hollufgård 制作滞在

2019 8/4-16 版画展 “20nitten grafik” Tryk2 デンマーク
2020 1/10- 2/4 版画展 “NYT&GAMMELT” Fyns Grafiske Værksted デンマーク

Please contact me / お問合せはこちらから